The Mercedes-Benz pickup truck to be produced in Thailand

Mercedes P500

The Mercedes-Benz pickup truck!

Mercedes-Benz is building a pickup truck in Thailand! Yes, the maker of the world’s finest luxury cars has yesterday announced his entry into the ultra-competitive pickup market together together with his ally Nissan.

“The Mercedes-Benz pickup will contribute nicely to our global growth targets,” Daimler chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche said in a statement. “We will enter this segment with our distinctive brand identity and all of the vehicle attributes that are typical of the brand with regard to safety, comfort, powertrains, and value.”

Mercedes-Benz CEO & President Michael Grewe is rumoured to be the initiator of this project: “We are more than delighted to bring a new era of luxury to the pickup market in Thailand. Everyday, I see so many pickups on the roads of Bangkok, but none of them exude real luxury. There are so many rich kids here who would love to have a pickup, but don’t want to be spotted in a Hilux or Triton.”

Mercedes’ new truck will also be exported to South East Asia, Europe, South Africa, Latin America, and Australia and the Middle East.

This might be exciting, and we don’t have to wait to long. Due to the concept being based on the Nissan Navara, the Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is expected to hit the market as early as April 2018.

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